Q: What is Read Al Quran?

A: Read Al Quran is a privately owned organization engaged in teaching Quranic and other Islamic education to Muslims all over the world. The organization consists of four departments: the Customer Support Department, Technical Department, Administration Department and Academic Department. Its team consists of experts in education (Islamic education), technology and administration. Most team members have Masters Degrees in their respective subjects along with vast experience in their fields.

Q: What is the objective of Read Al Quran?

A: The objective of Read Al Quran is to provide online Islamic education to Muslims all over the world by providing them facility to learn Islamic knowledge in their homes.

Q: Why learning the Quran is so important?

A: The Holy Quran is basically a book of Divine guidance. The guidance cannot be sought without understanding the language of the Holy Quran. Reading, learning and understanding the Holy Quran benefits individuals as well as societies, here and hereafter. Such a book of guidance should be read and understood in correct manner.

Q: Why do people prefer Read Al Quran for learning?

A: At Read Al Quran you will receive instruction from the tutors at your home through online one on one interaction. We use and support free software to avoid any unnecessary cost to the customer. Read Al Quran has a team of high profile, highly experienced and qualified tutors. The technical staff is expert in its field and always keep our systems online and up-to-date while the customer support staff is cordial and courteous, and quick to respond to any question you may have. The tutors are more than capable of teaching Quran with tajweed and in the true Arabic accent, intonation and rhythm.

Q: How the classes are scheduled?

A: The classes are scheduled according to your selected time. You can even reschedule your class time later.

Q: Is there any registration fee for the courses?

A: No, there is no registration fee or any other hidden charges.

Q: I used to be very busy during the week, can I study on weekends?

A: You can have classes on weekends if you don’t have time during the weekdays.

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Q: What are the essential things I need to connect with Read Al Quran?


  1. Personal Computer or Laptop
  2. High Speed/DSL internet
  3. Headphone/Speaker
  4. Microphone

Q: What is the starting age to learn Quran?

A: Students of age not less than 4 years can take Quran learning courses.

Q: Do you have female tutor for female students?

A: Yes, we can arrange female tutors for female students.

Q. What are your charges/fees for the services and how I can get registered?

A: Click Here to lean about Plans and fee.