Fee is charged on monthly basis and is exclusive of 3 days trial classes. You can select any of the following predefined plans or Contact us for a customized plan.

Students living in countries other than mentioned below can use Currency Converter to know about fee in their local currencies.

Special plan is also available for students who cannot take classes during the week and want to study on weekends:

We are also offering our services in Pakistan for all those Muslim brothers and sisters who cannot go outside or who want their children to study the Holy Quran with Tajweed in front of them. Following are the study plans for Pakistan:​

USA Monthly Fee

Days Per WeekClasses Per MonthDurationCostCurrency
3 days a week1230 min$45 Per MonthUS Dollar
5 days a week2030 min$65 Per MonthUS Dollar
Weekends Sat & Sun630 min$35 Per MonthUS Dollar
Weekends Sat & Sun645 min$45 Per MonthUS Dollar

UK Monthly Fee

Days Per WeekClasses Per MonthDuration CostCurrency
3 days a week1230 min£30 Per MonthPounds
5 days a week20 30 min£50 Per MonthPounds
Weekends Sat & Sun  630 min£25 Per MonthPounds
Weekends Sat & Sun645 min£30 Per MonthPounds

Europe Monthly Fee

Days Per WeekClasses Per MonthDuration CostCurrency
3 days a week12 30 min€35 Per MonthEuros
5 days a week20 30 min€55 Per MonthEuros
Weekends Sat & Sun630 min€30 Per MonthEuros
Weekends Sat & Sun45 min€35 Per MonthEuros

Special Offer

We are offering following special fee discount for multiple students from a single family:

Fee Discount

We are also offering fee discount for all those who want to study but with discounted fee. For discount: